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Snorkeling and diving are the two most considerable and enjoyable activities during the summer. People do go for these sorts for adventurous activities every weekend or weekday as well. However, different equipment is important for snorkeling. This equipment is used before going underwater or into the sea for safety purposes. The face snorkel mask and the traditional mask is one of them. People use both of them for snorkeling, but as per the advancement and the quality of the product, people go for the best as always. Here in this article, we will look forward to the best choice.

In case you’re another snorkeler searching for a bit of good equipment, this article will run you through the contrasts between full face snorkel mask and traditional snorkel covers, so you can pick the best snorkel cover for your needs. In case you’re a long-term snorkeler, with legitimate apparatus that you’ve put resources into and worn on innumerable undertakings, you may be somewhat touchy about evaluating new gear. Also, that is justifiable. So, we just believe it’s reasonable for being available to attempting new things particularly on the off chance that they could change the game for you!

Searching for the swimming hardware or the snorkeling that is directly for you can be overpowering. With such huge numbers of various brands and styles of apparatus, how would you choose which would function best for you? An incredible spot to begin is to choose in the event that you would favor the traditional swimming equipment or the more present-day Full Face Mask style.

The full face swims snorkel mask has been around for quite a while now, however since numerous individuals haven’t gone swimming during that time, it’s as yet viewed as another style swim veil. It’s no big surprise we hear a lot of inquiries regarding the best snorkel gear or the mask for novices


For recreational swimming superficially, a full face swims snorkel mask has a few focal points. The bigger focal point not just lets you see underneath you much better yet opens up your fringe vision so you can perceive what’s going on surrounding you.

The huge development with the full face swim cover is that the snorkel is incorporated into the veil, so you never again need to hold it in your mouth, which can be awkward and bring about an irritating jaw. All the more significantly, breathing through a cylinder that you hold in your teeth can cause torment and distress after some time.

By building the snorkel into the cover and planning a valve framework to permit wind current between veil compartments, the new structure enables you to inhale through both your nose and mouth, for an increasingly normal breathing experience.

Another bit of leeway is that if water spills into the veil, it can hurry to the base of your jaw as opposed to being held right under your eyes. At the point when customary veils spill saltwater into your eye chamber, it can cause uneasiness and decreased permeability.

Breathing through a snorkel is fitting for loosened up surface swimming. In the event that you will be swimming hard either for practice or if you end up swimming against an ebb and flow, you ought not to utilize a snorkel by any stretch of the imagination, however, inhale the air legitimately by lifting your face out of the water. On the off chance that you wind up in a circumstance where you have to endeavor when you are swimming with a full face swim veil, you should evacuate the entire cover and swim without it.


The primary hindrance of a customary or traditional snorkel set has to do with a stifler reflex. Individuals with especially touchy stifler reflex can’t utilize the conventional mouthpiece and that prevents them from getting a charge out of the stunning experience that is swimming all in all.

Another issue that most snorkelers have with customary swimming cylinders is chocking on the water once they reemerge. This happens because the least difficult model of the snorkel tube is empty and loads up with water while the jumper is submerged. While restoring the jumper needs to blow all the water out and this is a somewhat troublesome strategy to ace. At the point when you don’t do it right, you end up with a great deal of seawater in your mouth.

The above elaboration about both the masks highlights the main advantages and disadvantages that both masks have. Further, we will now compare both the masks through different points to be considered. Such as,

Differentiating in breathing

As we stated, you can’t take a gander at a full face swim snorkel mask without seeing its extraordinary, space-age-y plan. That air pocket, integral to the structure of the full face swim cover, enables you to inhale from both your nose and your mouth while submerged.  

That makes breathing a hell of much simpler, progressively agreeable and unwinding for the individuals who can’t deal with the breathing instrument on customary snorkels. Just to remind you, conventional or the traditional snorkel veils just enable you to inhale through your mouth, which can cause uneasiness and frenzy in certain individuals.

Anti-chock and anti-leak

One of the enormous issues individuals have with conventional and traditional snorkels is the old hack n’ spurt. You know, when water goes inside the snorkel cylinder and makes you gag on its saltiness. In the event that it isn’t so much that, at that point, it’s water in the goggles. Full face swim veils battle this issue with a dry top framework that keeps water from entering the snorkel. Fundamentally, a ball sitting at the highest point of the cylinder naturally seals the air valve so water can’t get past.

The GoPro compatibility

The truth is that this is the future and every one of our devices is intended to oblige innovation. Full face swim veils incorporate GoPro mounts, so you can without much of a stretch film and photo submerged landscape and ocean life as you experience it. The mount is completely separable, so you can evacuate it however you see fit, appreciate more liberated development while as yet catching those brilliant minutes and the memories!

Bye to fog

The beneficial thing about upgrading and enhancing is that you get the opportunity to fathom various issues that exist with the first item, and for this situation, full face swim snorkel masks or veils have an enemy of haze seal that keeps goggles from hazing up. Everybody who swims has managed google haze, and everything it does is hindering a decent experience. Full face swim covers to deal with that issue so you can appreciate perfectly clear perspectives relentless.

One folded piece (easy to handle)

On the off chance that you’ve possessed a couple of conventional snorkel covers, you’ll have encountered the incidental race to discover your cylinder or your goggles or what have you. With two separate pieces, it’s very simple to lose or loose parts with regards to customary snorkels. As full-face snorkel swims come in one piece, you’re in every case great to go as long as you can discover it!. The cylinder is additionally foldable, making them simpler to haul around and store.

The panoramic view

That space-age bubble has different advantages to offer it takes into account a 180-degree field of vision giving you better perspectives over conventional goggles. On account of the level focal point, a full-face veil likewise offers a less contorted picture, opening you up to a totally different world. It resembles going from standard definition to HD.

These concise and highlighted points also make us clear that the snorkel mask is advance and easy to use as compare to the traditional masks if it is about the snorkeling. The full face snorkel mask contains all the pros that a person wanted while going for snorkeling.

Moreover, the below-described chart will also clear the small points and perspectives about both of the masks.

EQUIPMENT2 Separable pieces 1 single folded equipment
BREATHINGThe only mouth can be used to breatheBoth nose and the mouth
VISIONThe lens with a curved shape180-degree the flat lenses are used, panoramic
SNORKEL TUBEIt is unsealed. Water can go in easilyThe dry and the covered seal.
ACCESSORIESnoneThe compatibility of GoPro

Here you can see the classification of all the benefits and the points of the both traditional mask and the snorkel mask. Moreover, here are some links that can help you to determine more points that clearly differentiate between the both masks,



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